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Write Novels Online Free with Writing Software Applications

You can write novels online free with software applications developed for that purpose. Online writing software is available from different providers. Not all of these are available for free. However, those which are free give you an idea of whether these computer applications can help you.

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As a writer, you have probably heard lots of different methods of novel writing promoted by successful authors. I think that there is a method that will work for each individual, helping them to become more productive. By learning more about each of the methods that writers are using, you can choose the one that will help you achieve your writing goals.

Hiveword Novel Writing Software
Hiveword novel writing software is one of the more popular applications for completing book length fiction. You can try this software at from your computer or smart phone. You have to register with the site and are required to have an email address for registration.

Hiveword is built to make it easy for writers to organize their characters, setting, plotline and other parts of their work. There is a blog which keeps authors updated of the latest improvements to the software, such as scene insertion. Scene insertion allows you to insert a new scene exactly where you want it in the list of scenes.

LitLift is different from Hiveword. It is ideal for writers who are ready to write. However, it also allows you to prepare for books that you don’t even have a general plot for yet. If a character idea comes to mind, you can store the information for the character in LitLift. The writing software is available at

LitLift offers useful tools for researching environments, weapons and more. For example, if you have favorite weapons but have no idea what kind of story you want to use them in yet, you can research the weapons and store the information there. If you have five minutes to spare, you can work from different angles to make progress on your novel.

Experiment with Free Tools
When you can write novels online free with the applications designed specifically for that purpose, you learn more about how novel writing software works. You can also determine whether this method can help you finish the book you may be working on now, or encourage you to start a new one. There are also paid packages that offer you even more features.

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