Sunday, June 30, 2013

Review of Author Publisher Entrepreneur- How to Publish a Book

Author Publisher Entrepreneur or APE is a how to guide written by Guy Kawasaki and
Shawn Welch. It is published as a digital book which is available on Kindle. This means that if you want to, you can access the information inside it almost immediately. The text caters to people who have a love for a particular subject and want to share that with others through words.

Like many other persons who are interested in getting the guide, you may want to know more about the content. You can do that by looking inside it using the feature which Amazon has provided, which allows you to read the Contents page and pages from the first chapter for free.

The authors answer a lot of questions that first time authors, self publishers and entrepreneurs often have. These are a few of the topics that they cover:
  • Reasons to write a book, such as mastering a new skill
  • How agents and publishers work in traditional publishing
  • Face to face conferences, DRM and other aspects of e-publishing
  • Building an enchanting personal brand
  • Controversial issues, such as whether you should write a book to meet a gap in your finances
The content is well written and visual learners will appreciate the pictures that are used to illustrate different points. The drawback of publishing on kindle is that the charts and images that are embedded in the pages are sometimes tiny. You can get around this problem by highlighting and selecting the graphs that you want to look at.

There are lots of links to additional resource presented all through the guide. The advantage of using the Kindle to read it is that you can immediately click on and go to any one of these external resources that interest you. There are about 400 hyperlinks in all throughout the content. It makes Author Publisher Entrepreneur a bit of a mini library and a good tool for anyone who plans to write and publish a book in their lifetime.

APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur-How to Publish a Book

Friday, June 28, 2013

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ode to Our Editorial Team- FullofKnowledge and ExpertsPages Editors Rock!

This is dedicated to the editorial team on FullofKnowledge and ExpertsPages. They work hard behind the scenes every day, helping us write better articles and catching work that’s been stolen from other locations. This is not strictly an ode in terms of the technical structure of a poem of that name but it is a tribute.

Night descends, our beds call
But our faithful editors don’t seem to hear
They move through our articles like faithful farmers
Looking for ways to produce the best crop

Each one seems to have their specialization
Although all share in certain tasks
Watering, removing weeds
Tares that suck at the nutrients other plants need to grow

When they spot a bug
They will drop us a line or take further action
Sometimes it leads to a frown
But we have to turn those upside down

Their fast response and timely advice
Makes the EP family stand out from the rest
Editors we appreciate all you do
God bless and hugs to you

This article is inspired by the dry wit and thoughtful advice offered through the articles which are linked to here: