Monday, July 1, 2013

Expertscolumn: Writing Sites “Banning” Other Sites- Should Writers Sit Back and Take It?

I have been a writer on the Internet for several years now. I write for different sites and also blog. Each site has their pros and their cons and as writers, we usually do our bet to maximize the positives that are associated with each. As in every market, there is competition. This competition is supposed to benefit everyone. Sites that are competing should endeavor to provide the best environment for the writers who choose to publish with them. If we allow sites to be banned, what will happen next?

Sites that see competition as unhealthy in some way will eventually stagnate. Competition is supposed to make us strive to do our best, whether we are individuals or organizations. When a telephone company, for example, states that employees should never mention the name of a competitor in their establishment, or state how their service compares with competitors, it is a sign of fear.

Writers, readers and everyone else who uses a writing site should be able to choose to read information where they want to, because a particular site shares quality. That is what readers care about, not the beef that a particular site has with another.

I have never taken kindly to people who try to control others and I cannot, in good conscience, stand for it here. I cannot allow anyone to tell me who I can and cannot write for, when the site I’m linking to is not a hacker site, gambling site, or any other site that is understood to be malicious in some way. Especially when they seem to be trying to create an atmosphere of fear and intimidation on their own site.

I have seen misinformation spread intentionally among writers by the very administration that should be able to separate fact from misleading statements. I have seen articles lost with writers given little guidance as to how to recover their work. I have seen fellow writers shot down for offering suggestions, when none were offered by admin. These are not the makings of a site that wants the best for its writers or the internet readers who come by looking for information.

You cannot ban a site because it competes with you, if you want to ensure that readers get the best access to information at all times. Fullofknowledge is not sharing military secrets and they operate in a more transparent manner that most other sites at this time. Expertscolumn needs to examine itself. I will remove my work and place it where it is more profitable for me. I’ve learned from prior experience that when a site repeatedly shows signs of going downhill, and doesn’t attempt to correct itself, it will not thrive.

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