Sunday, February 10, 2013

Abridged vs. Unabridged Audio Books: Which is Better?

Audio books are read by visually impaired persons. Audio books are also read by people who want to do their reading in places where reading the actual book might not be practical.

Audio books can be read online and are available as cassettes, CDs, and as digital audio files. The unabridged version of an audio book is the entire version of the audio book.

How to Convert Your Published Book Into an Audio Book

Authors have to give their publishers permission, before a team of persons can be assigned to produce an abridged or compacted version of their book. The persons who edit audio books to produce the abridged versions are known in the field as audio book engineers. They work with software tools such as Pro Tools and Adobe Audition to produce interesting and condensed versions of the audio books. The environment they work in is stressful and high-paced.

Abridged versions of audio books are popular among some readers, or listeners, because they can get through each book more quickly and read more books in a shorter time. This is especially beneficial when reading a series of fiction books.

People who don’t want to read, or listen to just the highlights of an audio book will go for the unabridged version of the audio book, since this is the more descriptive version of the book.

Unabridged classics are also chosen over abridged versions because of the quality of the writing. Some listeners don’t enjoy listening to abridged versions of the work of a talented writer as much as they would enjoy listening to an unabridged audio book version of the work. They feel as though they have been cheated out of some of the enjoyment they were due.

Good places to buy audio books include and ITunes also has a good selection of audio books. Many public libraries have audio books available.