Saturday, August 30, 2014

Tips on Getting Over Writer’s Block

These tips on getting over writer's block should help you if you are having difficulty completing a novella or some other form of writing. Writer’s block may be caused by tiredness. This tiredness can be emotional as well as physical and may even come after a long period of intense writing, as you poured out your energy into your work.

It may be caused by the stress of having to deal with regular, everyday events. Your mental energy may be drained from driving for an hour in traffic, waiting in lines, solving problems at work or home, worrying about your deadlines, etc. There are many things which can distract you from writing and leave you in a place where your creativity seems to have gone for a walk.

You have to develop ways to put yourself back in the place where ideas come and are useful to you. In the first place, you need to identify the things that harm your creativity, stopping you from writing. Some things can’t be avoided but your reaction to them can be modified, so that you still produce the quality fan fiction or other work that you desire.

For example, if you are writing a fictional novella, you might find that writer’s block temporarily puts you in a world outside of the one inhabited by your characters. It draws the curtain on the thoughts and feelings of the characters.

When getting over writer’s block, picture yourself on a stage. It’s dark and you know the characters are there. You walk up to the curtain. In your mind, picture yourself pulling the curtain back. Do it gently. You don’t want them to be aware of your presence. You just want to observe. Picture the spotlight turning the focus on each character. Write down what you see them doing.

That technique, unaltered, may not be as useful when writing something factual, as your block may stem from a lack of information or even information overload. If you are interested in getting over writer's block, continue or start your work from the most interesting angle in that case and do further research or eliminate information based on the angle you decide to take.

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